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  technology for Industry  since 1988


We specialize in unusual, hard-to-treat and space limiting applications! Call us with your challenging project!


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Corona Treating Systems


General Information on selecting a corona treater. Patented technology.

Lab Facility for samples and test runs.


Line Speed Limited by your Corona Treater? Are you experiencing bonding problems?

Need higher dyne with your existing treater? Click here for details about our new

 DT+2 High Power Bare Roll Corona Treatment System!


Bare Roll

Corona Treatment Systems (often called Open Frame Systems)

from.5 to 200 inches A bare roll corona treater will treat all of your conductive,

as well as non-conductive, materials.


Narrow Web

Corona Treatment Systems - Bare & Covered Roll Designs suitable for web

widths up to about 24 inches


Covered Roll

TNT & Split Box Corona Treating Systems from .5 inch to 7.2 meters

A covered roll corona treater will treat all of your non-conductive substrates.

Covered roll systems can treat varying lanes as the electrode adjusts for treat

or no-treat areas.


Sheet Treaters Any size sheet, 1 or 2 side treat. Multiple sized sheets can be

fed thru one system! Easy to use — easy to install!


Lab Treater

for Sheets This compact corona treater is designed specifically for lab use & dyne

testing on a wide variety of material. Small, versatile & economically priced.


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Specialty Corona Treating Applications and Electrodes

Do you have a corona treating application that you haven’t been successful with? Unique applications are our specialty.


Power Supplies

from 200 watts to 40.0KW Modular platform Flexible power levels, reliable operation, quick in-stock delivery!


Ceramic Electrodes

& Spare Parts exact electrode retrofits for all makes & models of corona treaters!


.   Rectangular Ceramic Electrodes—many sizes

.   Round Ceramic Electrodes—10mm, 12mm & more

.   Square Ceramic Electrodes– 15mm, 16mm & more

.   Custom Electrodes Manufactured to your Specifications

.   Segmented & Strip Treat Electrodes

.   Stainless Steel & Aluminum Electrodes

.   Custom parts—Waterjet Cut to your

    specifications (Stainless Steel,   

    Aluminum, Foam, Plastic, etc.)

.   Transformers, SCRs, Mounting Blocks, 

   Shrouding, Wire — we have it all!


Ceramic Roll Coatings & New Roll Fabrication

Hybrid, proprietary  ceramic coatings for aluminum and steel corona treater rolls.


Corona Treating Equipment Reconditioning

Reconditioning of all makes & models – incorporate new features & functions – for less!


HAS THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR CORONA TREATMENT SYSTEM TOLD YOU IT’S OBSOLETE? We have the parts you need! At QC, we build the best and service the rest!


Ozone Destruct Systems


Ozone Generators


What’s New!

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About QC Electronics


Sales Offices


We ship domestic and international.

Corona Treatment - two assembly bare roll corona treater for high speed, high quality corona treatment!Corona Treatment has moved into the lab! The DocuDyne is designed specifically to corona treat sample sheets in a lab environment. Stand alone unit is easy to operate and fits any budget! Corona Treatment or Plasma Treatment at the flip of a switch! This system is designed for roll to roll applications - many different sizes are available. Easy to install, easy to use! Corona Treatment - bare roll corona treaters treat varying web widths without adjustment!
Corona Treatment or Plasma Treatment at the flip of a switch! This plasma treatment system is self contained and designed for sheet treatment. Many different sizes are available.

For more information about our corona and plasma treaters or water jet services,

contact us at:


QC Electronics, Inc.

1635 La Dawn Drive  

Portage, Wisconsin 53901


 (608) 742-1661


 email: treaters@qcelectronics.com



Too much information? Still don’t know where to go? 


For a new equipment application, click on Corona Treating Systems – new patented technology! universal designs – it’s all here! Need spare parts for a competitive model treater? Select Spare Parts & Electrodes – our extensive inventory includes everything from electrodes to transformers. Need a new roll, coating, or replacement coating? Visit Rolls & New Coatings – we do it all! Looking to have an existing treater reconditioned? You need Reconditioning Services – our experienced staff will recondition any make or model treater! Want to see recent product releases and announcements? Click on What’s New. Want to know more about QC as a company and where we are located? Visit About QC Electronics, Inc. – your only full service corona treating equipment manufacturer.


Or, you are always welcome to call us at 608-742-1661. We’ll consult with you on the technical details of your application and recommend a system specific to your needs. Thank you for your interest in QC Electronics, Inc. We look forward to hearing from you!


QC Electronics, Inc.

Since 1988, QC has been providing top quality technology for industry. Our complete in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities deliver continuous advancements in technology.


At QC, we work with many industries offering custom equipment design and machining services. No job too big or too small.


QC Electronics has been a family owned business since 1988. Our plant, equipment and production is environmentally friendly.

Visit our modern plant in Portage, Wisconsin to see our production capabilities and product. We always have treaters on the floor in various stages of production. 


Local In-house Manufacturing—start to finish

Look for our ad in Flexible Packaging and other industry magazines!

For more information about our corona and plasma treaters or water jet services,

contact us at:


QC Electronics, Inc.

1635 La Dawn Drive  

Portage, Wisconsin 53901


 (608) 742-1661  Fax (608) 742-3122 


 email: treaters@qcelectronics.com






Do you have an old treater that you would like to sell? Post it on our Used Equipment web page—AT NO COST!


Are you looking for a used treater? Soon you will be able to look at what’s available. If you find a treater that you are interested in, you can purchase it as is, or we will prepare a  quote to recondition it! If we recondition it, you can call QC for support, parts, and electrodes!


Call for details! 608-742-1661. Or, email us at treaters@qcelectronics.com


We’re excited about this new service!

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